Peace in the world exhibition in Paris


Kamal Rayamajhi
Bhairahawa, April 17. Lumbini for peace in the world until April 3 to 14, in Paris, France across the sculptures he created the Arts genealogies.

Nepal Lumbini World Peace Forum and the exhibition about the cultural home of the Buddha’s birthplace Lumbini organized peace movement in Nepal and is expected to incorporate the international arena ¥ m are carried out.

Paris, France, between the Metropolitan Gallery exhibition opening ceremony of the hall and around the world, including artists participating in the rally, he claimed. Artists exhibition Naveen Kumar, wild, Vishnu Vishwakarma, among the organizers of an art exhibition Lumbini Peace Forum founder, chairman Basu Gautam said.

Chennai, India, and Sri Ramanuja Mission Trust exhibition in Paris, France in the metropolitan cooperation and Himalayan Airlines, Kathmandu at the guest house to stay Group of Hotels and boom cooperation remit is described.

The World Peace Center is going to be peace in this exhibition as Nepali literary arts, and international areas, including the aim of spreading the Buddha’s message is of the opinion that the organizer.

Over the past 3 years in the foreign land for peace program has a variety of Lumbini World Peace Forum and expressed their commitment to continue in the coming days has also.

Lumbini Peace Forum founder, chairman Basu Gautam

In 2017, as a development center in the Lumbini World Peace and harmony will bring forward a leader in the making of Lumbini World Peace Forum, Myanmar, Sri Lanka, the Czech Republic and even in India, including the World Peace Art Exhibition organized by the group said.

World Tourism Day on September 27, 2017 over the next day even though Myanmar yangun art exhibit certain time schedule for other countries increased by adjustment of Lumbini World Peace Forum, the founder, chairman Gautam said. The organization also buddha purnima  Lumbini Mayadevi Temple on the occasion of the art exhibition for world peace has held.

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